JawSaw & Chainsaw for Cleanup Jobs

Poulan Chain Saw

The Poulan P3314 chain saw model is a two-cycle gas-powered chain saw that is manufactured by the reliable and unbeatable Poulan brand. This machine is great for small jobs around the yard, and has the capacity to cut trees and/or other objects that are up to 28 inches in diameter. With an average cost of around $122, there is no other chain saw model in this price range that comes close to this model’s performance.

Poulan P3314

There are many advantages to owning this Poulan P3314 model. This machine features an automatic-oiler mechanism, which keeps the chain fully greased all of the time. To allow for an easier start than other models, this saw has a primer bulb. This bulb allows the user to start the saw without having to pull the starter cord as many times. A very useful safety feature is also included with this model. An inertia-activated brake on the chain stops the chain from rotating if kickback occurs. This safety feature is very important, as kickbacks can be very dangerous. Finally, this saw comes already assembled, and features a full one-year warranty, from the purchase date.

There are also some negative aspects to owning this model. One negative to this model is that replacement parts can be difficult to find. Some users report problems with the Poulan P3314 fuel cap and/or fuel lines if the consumer is using gas that contains ethanol. Because replacement parts are sometimes difficult to find, these fuel cap problems might cause an issue with the future use of the model. Also, the easy start bulb does not always work, as the machine can be more difficult to start after the first use. Many users also reported having to perform the start-up process up to three times before the chain saw finally kicked on and stayed running. Finally, some users also complain of excessive vibration when the chain saw is in use. This excessive vibration can cause numbness in the hands and fingers after prolonged use of the chain saw.

For the price that is asked of this chain saw model, the advantages far outweigh the negatives. No other model of saw in this price range is rated as well by consumers. Customers noted more positives relating to the model than they did negatives pertaining to the Poulan P3314. This saw model is the best buy for your money in this price range, hands down. Pick up your top-rated model chain saw today.

WORX Electric JawSaw

The WORX WG308 electric JawSaw with the sleekly designed saw makes it suitable for domestic use by gardeners, homeowners and repairmen, as well as workers doing large-scale town cleanup jobs.


It offers a number of features to its users, some of which are:

  • Circuit specifications include 5 Amp current and 120 Volt voltage
  • Chain speed of up to 5.5 m/s
  • Powered by electricity
  • Includes Auto Tension, which allows replacing chain easily
  • An automated oiler, which oils the chain and bar constantly
  • Can reach branches up to 12 feet high
  • Consists of strong steel grooves or teeth
  • Can cut up to 4 inches deep into the surface
  • Product’s weight is 11.7 lbs
  • Package contains the JawSaw, a wrench, extension handle and chain oil


It boasts of a number of strong points, on the basis of which the company markets it. These include:

  • No mixture of gas and oil needed due to device’s complete reliance on electricity
  • Combines two essential home maintenance items into one
  • Automatically detects if the chain is becoming over-tight
  • Jaw guard guides users in distinguishing damaged branches from healthy ones
  • Jaw guard also makes it safer to use
  • Can extend to branches that are up to 12 feet high
  • Practical for use in both domestic and commercial settings


With all its positive attributes, it has a few drawbacks as well, which are:

  • Heavy to lift and use
  • Directions to handle the product slightly misleading in the instruction video
  • Not suitable for older people or those suffering from arthritis
  • Handling is a challenge with the extension handle


After reviewing this JawSaw and studying its pros and cons, it can be safely said that the product is indeed an innovation compared to its competitors. Most customers have praised it for a lower price tag of $149. The amount, according to them, is lower than what the professional tree cutters would charge them for their services. Its reliance on electricity also saves the users from unnecessary mess and chaos that is created by the devices relying on oil and gas.

The product’s primary criticism is its heavy weight and the observation that it is not heavy to handle it once the extension handle is attached to reach higher branches. This particular problem with the device has made it difficult to operate for the elderly and people with weak joints or bones. It is much safer in use than the traditional chainsaw since it makes use of the jaw guard to protect users’ hands.

If the JawSaw is the perfect device for your pruning, shearing and tree cutting needs, there is no need to wait. Browse online for the best deals available on the WORX WG308 electric JawSaw, anytime and anywhere!

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