Do I Want A Penis Extender?

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I couldn’t say. The point is that if you have a 8 inch penis you might not be happy with it. Almost all males want to be larger or think they need to be whether they are 4 inches or 8 inches.

Some have this impression from watching too much porn and thinking that this is the usual size for males. Don’t be too overwhelmed, these males are very unusual in both girth and length.

The main question you need to ask yourself is do you think you want a penis extender. If you need a larger penis then this is the only way to go because the price of surgery as well as the risks leave this as your best option.

I mentioned about being 8 inches earlier on in this article. The thing is that even someone of that size might want a penis extender as this helps with thickness as well and the longer your penis the skinnier it looks. Of course looks aren’t everything but some may prefer to appear big also.

To answer the question do I need a penis extender, if you are reading this article then very probably you do. Take a read of the reviews and see for yourself which one suits you most and then decide for yourself.

Penis Length or Penis Girth?

This is an age old question and it must have been answered thousands of times already, is penis girth more important than penis length? The answer is obvious; it depends on the person you are trying to satisfy or on yourself.

Many females say that girth is of the biggest importance but ideally what is the point in having a dick that is 8 inches thick if it is only 5 inches long. For most women i think it is a mixture of the two.

Along with that of course is the lengthier your penis the less thick it appears. A man with 8 inches length and girth would look thinner than someone with just 6 inches length.

Girth is well established to enhance the pleasure of the woman though by stretching the walls of the vagina and anus. While stretched the sensitive nerves are even more sensitive and this makes sex a more enjoyable experience. Of course not all men can be 8 inches thick.

That leads us to the next idea. Not every man will have enormous penises such as the porn stars. In truth the normal man is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches long and just 4.7 to 5.2 inches thick. Anyone bigger than this would be able of giving the woman all the pleasure she need.

A way to get to this size if you don’t have this much is penis stretchers. As well as length they amazingly increase thickness also and more than an inch in thickness has been very common increases. The length gains are of course an added bonus that no woman could turn down.

Probably the main thing to remember though is that penis size isn’t the be all and end all of giving a woman pleasure. There is a lot more like romance or even if you want to keep it to sex you really should learn more about what she likes. You may be surprised to learn that most women will tell you what she likes if you ask.

Quickest Way For Big Penis

Big Penis

A lot people have attempted different methods of penis enlargement already, some have tried different ways together. We built 3 sets up to do this and received some good results. You could look at my own personal experience on the left sidebar under My Progress that I cut short because nobody appeared to care.

You should see my own results were going excellent and I have kept up with them with better results but never liked putting myself on cam so gave up posting the results. The groups were also told that this was for our own records and their videos would never be shown.

This means you need to have our word on it or visit the websites from the reviews and read the numerous testimonials or even do a search on google. The people ranged in age and tried methods from penis exercises, penis extenders and penis pills. All of these are the most popular ways to get a bigger penis, penis advantage review.

The results were that the group who used the penis extenders and exercises made the best gains, an average of 1.4 inches in the first 3 months. Second was the Penis extenders and pills with results of 1.2inches and lastly were the pills and exercises which amazingly still got gains of 0.7 inches.

We fully expected the first two but never thought the final group would gain at all. What do we know though. Anyway, the least gain on the best group was a 0.9 inches bigger penis so it seems to work for most people and even the second group made some gains. One person on the last group didn’t make gains and the best gain was 1.1 inches.

From those results we are confident enough to say that Penis extenders are the best way to a bigger penis but all the groups gaining something. We also noticed that all 3 groups made some girth gains, most noticeably in the best group again.

We can’t name the pills in the trial but the penis extenders were all from our list of reviewed ones. The exercises were a mix of jelqs and squeezes. Not surprising to us is that the two people who received the best gains used the Size Genetics and X4 Labs both with length gains of about 1.8 inches.

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